Words, words everywhere

It’s funny, yesterday I had nothing to write about. I couldn’t force a word or a letter past my icebound brain. The permafrost was frozen and unrelenting.

Today, tons of ideas. And yes Liz, I’m writing them down and drafting, not keeping them in my mental version of Word, the one that doesn’t save properly, LOL.

What’s changed? Well, me mentally and pysically. I was down for the count over the weeend with a migraine and spent yesterday on the couch with the ususal post-migraine washout. Resting, napping, totally low energy and slightly depressed. Wanting to do stuff but just not able. Mentally I was down too. My shields were down to 10% and all the negative self-talk was creeping in, insidious crap. Rehashing discussions and conflicts with my mother, anticipating discussions and conflicts with my mother (self-preservation technique). The holiday crazy train is gathering steam at the station, and it’s not even Halloween yet. More than that, but you get the idea.

Last night and this morning, I just let my mind go. Didn’t turn on the TV to fall asleep to, didn’t turn on the radio in the car during the morning carpool, just drifted free.

Guess I just needed the freedom to be, the freedom not to write, for ideas to start spilling out. It feels good to be back at the keyboard again. I don’t know how I’ll solve my money woes or the crazy train, but I’m hoping I’ll get some funny stories out of them.

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