Where am I going with this thing?

endless knot

This thing being this website/blog/whatever it is. I started it as a place to put all my writing in one spot instead of locked away in my hard drive or spread throughout the Internet. I envision it as a Jackson Pollock painting. He was the dude that threw or dripped paint at the canvas and it ended up beautiful, or at least the ones we see in museums and books have a nice look at me quality. We don’t know what he burned in the bonfire.

I’ve been reading lots of blogs lately and the ones I like most are well-written and have some sort of focus. I’m hoping this is well-written enough not to be too boring, *smirk* but does the lack of focus count as focus?

The plan, the throw all the words on the canvas and see what sticks plan, is both helping and hindering me. As in life, I’ve so many interests, I don’t focus on just one. I know lots of little bits about lots of little things. Who is going to come back to keep reading about who knows what?

So by throwing it all out there, I’m hoping that the focus/niche/whatever will become aparant to me. As is usual, you, dear readers and friends, will probaly figure it out before me, but don’t tell me, because unless I go through all this angst, I won’t believe you until I figure it out for myself. Though feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think! Maybe you can help me sort through this Gordian knot.

The picture is an endless knot.

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