To Stink or Not To Stink

Yes, that is actually the question. You see, I have issues with most deodorants. Rashes, fungal infections, or they just don’t work. Icky, huh?

But then I found this book:

and I made my own deodorant. Really. I did. Project #38. It took about 10 minutes, not including cooling time.

The ingredients are olive oil, organic beeswax, tea tree oil, rosemary essential oil, lavender essential oil (optional) and a stick-type deodorant applicator. I just happened to have a dead one of those, so the timing was pretty fortuitous. I will get me the lavender oil for the next batch. The process involves heating things together over a double-boiler (or use a pyrex measuring cup like I did), adding the oils, pouring and cooling. Because of copyright issues, you’ll have to check out the book for full instructions. Getting your pet to the vet is not tough now that there is the vet practice management software for veterinary clinics.

It seems to be working, so far. I’ve only tried it once. I do smell hippy-dippy, but I think that’s because I put too much tea tree oil in it, but I don’t mind smelling hippy-dippy. Had I put in more rosemary or even the optional lavender, it would have been different. I’ll wear it again tomorrow.

Let me know if I stink in a bad way, would ya?


  • Inexpensive: I had most of the items already and the pound of beeswax crystals will last forever.
  • Sustainable: I can use the same plastic container for quite some time and instead of once and toss into the recycle bin. No petrochemicals or weird chemicals in the ingredients. Saves gas in not having to drive to the store, though we’re usually at the store for other things and don’t just go for this one thing.
  • Ease: Simple twenty minute process once every few weeks. And if I run out before I have time to make it, I can always snitch hubby’s.


  • Scented: It’s not the unscented variety I’m used to.
  • Does it really work? The jury is still out.

Expect more posts with experiments from this book. Next up is the Peppermint-Rosemary Shampoo Bar once I find a glass blender (mine is tiny and plastic) since one has to use lye in the making of the recipe.

(The book cover is an affiliate link, just so ya know. I’ll receive a few pennies if you purchase it after clicking through from here.)

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