The Trockle blog book tour stops here Thursday, come back and win!

My six-year old son is interviewing Trockle, one of the main characters in this children’s book. It’s so freakin’ cute! (The book and the interview.)

Trockle Cover

The blog book tour stops here Thursday, and everyone who comments will be entered into a drawing to WIN a Trockle canvas bag.

To win, you must:

  1. Come back Thursday
  2. Read my son’s interview (proud mama moment, sniff sniff)
  3. Post a comment (those of us associated with said blog tour not eligible to win, but you can post anyway)
  4. Feel lucky!
  5. Hope your name gets pulled outta the dirty gym sock. (Trockle’s blanket-hey, he’s a monster that lives under the bed. Everyone’s got a dirty gym sock under there, don’t they?)

From the official Trockle blog:

Between the comforting story written by Holly Jahangiri and the adorable illustrations by Jordan M. Vinyard, children will fall in love with Trockle, the little monster under the bed.

Stephen doesn’t like to go to bed because he knows a monster is underneath. Even when told that Monster Repellent was sprayed under the bed, he knows it didn’t work.

Under the bed, Trockle doesn’t want to go to sleep because he’s afraid of the huge monster above.

Stephen’s parents and Trockle’s mom try to help their children no longer be afraid.

The story and pictures will entertain both children and adults.

It did.

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