Slug days

It’s a warm day outside. Bright and sunny. Great day to take the dog for a walk at the nature preserve nearby. Great day to run errands. Great day to wash the car, plant the bulbs sitting on the front porch for a week, vacuum the carpets.

Have I done any of that? No. I’m struggling today. So tired. But Susan, “you’re always tired” you say. That would be true. I’m also not motivated. Housework is boring. I’m simply low energy. Sluggish. Unmotivated to push myself.

In my defense, I have taken a short nap, finished a book, eaten lunch, washed and folded a few loads of laundry, cleaned one bathroom, and prepped the guest room for a visitor. Not bad, really. But considering that I had almost a whole day all to myself to accomplish these things and more, I’m not feeling the success. I feel incomplete, as if I haven’t done enough.

How should I measure success? Why does success need to be measured? Why do I feel guilty for not doing more? How much is enough? Why does it feel wrong to take downtime? How much downtime is too much?

Got any answers?

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