Save a heart, it could be your’s.

ribbon heartsMy mom did yesterday. We hope.

She’s a proponent of preventative medicine and goes for all the health screenings. She read an article in the newspaper about a new heart disease screening process (something with the CAT scan, I didn’t get all the details) at a local hospital and signed up. I don’t know how new it actually is, but the insurance companies don’t pay for it, so the hospital (who is doing a study) offered it at a subsidized, read affordable to the public, rate. So she signed up and went, fully expecting to be given a clean bill of health.

She wasn’t.

Three major blocked arteries and an appointment with the cardiologist later, she’s a bit freaked. We’re all in a state of shock. She feels like she’s been a walking time bomb for stroking out or having a heart attack. Except for slowly increasing exhaustion, she’s been asymptomatic. She goes to Curves several times a week. Doesn’t smoke, drinks moderately, eats pretty healthy.

She said she saved her own life yesterday. I’m proud of her.

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