Reiki Self Treatment a la Pamela Miles

Last June, I wrote a post on Reiki Self-Treatment, linking three resources on how to do a self treatment. It was pretty cut and dried. You had to do all the work, follow the links, read the posts or watch the videos and figure it out yourself.

Since then, I’ve found an easier way to do it, thanks to Reiki Master Pamela Miles, YouTube, and her Reiki Chats.

To get started, per Ms. Miles, on her Reiki Self Treatment Reiki Chat:

    Choose a regular time of day. Some like first thing in the morning. Others like just before bed. Whatever works for your schedule so that you’re more likely to remember. I tend to do both!

    Use a timer if need be. She has a link to a Reiki/meditation timer on her website. Use your snooze button. Fall asleep while doing the self treatment before bed (it’s OK!). If you use a timer, then you can relax and be fully present with the Reiki and not worry about checking the clock and being late for that meeting or school.

    Do the full treatment or as much as you can. Any amount of Reiki is good!

Try these hand positions, as outlined in her book and her Reiki Chat: Practicing Reiki: Do Hand Placements Matter?

    Front of Face
    Back of Head
    Upper Chest
    Solar Plexus (above navel)
    Lower Abdomen

Yes, doing a Reiki self treatment is something one should consider doing. How frequently is up to the individual. Pamela Miles suggests every day. I’ve started, if not every day, nearly every day. It’s become a nice habit: comforting, relaxing, healing. I feel the benefits in reduced anxiety, falling asleep faster, and other ways too numerous or complicated to mention here. Try it and see what happens for you and post your results in the comments below.

Direct links:

    June blog post:
    Reiki Self Treatment video:
    Practicing Reiki: Do Hand Positions Matter video (shows the hand positions mentioned above)
    Reiki timer:

Why did I include the list of direct links in this post? I’m glad you asked. Simply because it’s become a reference page to the Reiki 1 manual I use. I print it out and add the hard copy to the manual.

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