October’s Book Club Selection: Child 44

What can I say, I’m having tons of fun with my Amazon affiliate links. I had a bunch of entries started and almost ready to go, but decided to go in a different direction for a few days. My brain needs a break. I was resisting writing, and I HATE that!

Back to the entry,

As the title implies, I’m part of a monthly book club. We don’t have a name, but it’s been around for over 10 years. Me, I’ve only been a part for about two, maybe a little less. I’ve been to two of our Holiday dinners at the Melting Pot, so that’s how I count my attendance. (If you’ve never been to the Melting Pot, go. Cheesy, chocolaty fondue goodness.)

But I digress, again. (I tend to do that a lot, as my friends will attest.) Hey, stop nodding, would y’all? I’m getting dizzy over here.

Our book this month is:

I haven’t started yet, so I can’t tell you a thing about it. I was intrigued because of the Russia connection since I lived in Armenia for five years.

In theory, there was a way for me to do some sort of mouseover link with product reviews, but I couldn’t get it to work right. Maybe next time. *sigh*

(No affiliate links were added to this post.)

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