My New Job: Playing with Words

I am so overwhelmed with life right now. So many things to do, so many things to learn, so many things to create, so many things. Things…projects, thoughts, activities, ideas. The old so many places to go, people to see conundrum.

It becomes a conundrum because I wonder what my role is in life, what is my life’s work, how can I do my life’s work once I figure out what it is and contribute financially to the family as well as contribute to the good that our world so desparately needs. Whew. I’m tired simply re-reading that sentence. It’s alot to have weighing on my shoulders. It’s causing me to stop in my tracks and do nothing. It’s so hard to move forward that it is easier to stay mired. It takes so much effort, physcial Buy Ambien and mental, to pull my feet out of the figurative mud and move forward when I can’t see where I’m headed and not sure that I’m even headed the right way.

My first step out of this morass is to break it down. I’ve identified one thing that when it’s comleted fills me with contentment and joy. Not necessarily while I’m doing that activity. That can be frought with self-doubt and a bit of mental anguish, but when I’m complete. That activity is writing.


I am going to write my way out of this morass of inactivity. One word at a time. I believe that this exercise will propell me forward towards figuring out what I want to do next with this life.

Join me on this journey?


Susan Smith Thompson
Playing with Words

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