My Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle
We are always on a search for community. For connections that sustain and fuel us. For the sense of belonging, contribution, ease of shared work and values.

I have many wonderful communities of connections in my life: my preschool circle, my Reiki circle, my NVC circle, my dog circle, my family circle, my book club circle, my pool circle, and my friends who don’t fit into those other circles. It’s possible to be a member of several of my circles at once, deepening and enriching our connection and our connection to our sense of place.

What I’m searching for now, longing for actually, is a business circle. I operate best on a team. I don’t like being solo all the time. I have business ideas that include Reiki, EFT, NVC Buy Viagra, an online store, in person sessions, classes and workshops. I can’t go it alone . I tried once and failed miserably. I was in the wrong community of folks, even though they were nice and fabulous people individually, it wasn’t the right place for me.

Now I search for the right place for me.

Where is this?

Close to home
Part of a shared community of like-minded folks

If I had the space available in my home, it might work. But I don’t. And it doesn’t. I tried that too.

What do I want to get from this post? I dunno. Maybe just the clarification of what I want and throwing it out into the sea to see what comes back to me. It’s my message in a bottle.

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