My Interview with Trockle

by Noah T., age 6

Do you have to eat vegetables?

I wish! Brussels sprouts and carrots look yummy. You human kids have all the luck. I don’t understand why Stephen groans when his mom makes him eat vegetables. Mom says they’re not good for my bumpy orange skin. She only lets me eat fuzz-covered candy, melted bits of chocolate, metal toys, and plastic. She says they’re good for making snaggly, sharp teeth.

Do you ride skateboards?


Do you ride bikes on two wheels?

No, but I did ride around on Stephen’s remote controlled Monster Truck, once! That was fun.

Do you like any kind of sports like soccer or baseball or hockey?

No, but Stephen likes baseball. Sometimes I curl up in his glove and he mistakes me for the ball.

Do you have any pets?

I do, but don’t tell mom. I have three silverfish, a cockroach, and a housefly.

Do you have to go to school? What’s it like?

School?  What’s school? Is that the place that Stephen goes every morning on the big yellow bus?

How old are you?

I’m this many. Trockle holds up all the fingers of one hand.

How old is Stephen?

He’s this many. Trockle holds up both hands and wiggles all his fingers.

What will you use for a blanket if Stephen cleans his room? The sock will get washed.

There are always dirty socks under Stephen’s bed. But Mom also made me a pile of carpet fuzz and there’s always Stephen’s baseball glove.

Where can I get that Monster Repellant?

Why do you want that stuff? That’s just icky. And mean. Not that it works, you know, but why would you want to get rid of us?

Do you want a sleepover at my house? I have lots of dirty socks and dust bunnies under my bed.

Okay! That sounds like fun! Can Stephen come, too? Do you know how to play Battleship? Do you have Choco-Tacos? Can we stay up all night watching monster movies?

 The End.

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