Metaphysical Radio App

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to Amazon and Hay House.

I love Hay House Radio. Esther Hicks and Abraham. Caroline Myss. Dr. Wayne Dyer. These were some of my friends when I wanted company while walking the dog or something totally different when taking the kid to and from school. Alas, when I got a new phone, the website wasn’t supported. I grieved the loss.

Imagine my joy when I discovered they now have an app! Woo hoo!

I just got to hear some Esther Hicks and Abraham. And now Jennifer Grace
is speaking about loving ourselves, part of my current learning process. I’m loving the connections the Universe is making.

Happy listening.

Oh, did I mention that the app is free?

You can also listen to Hay House Radio from your computer. Just click here. If you’re wondering about the big questions in life – like how does two way radio work? – they’ll answer them!

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