Make Your Own Baby Food, Feeding Your Baby Naturally

Making your own baby food can sound overwhelming, but with a little planning, it can be a rewarding experience for both you and your baby. Baby food is simply grown up food that’s been smashed or ground up so that the baby can eat it.

There are many benefits to making your own baby food. Want organic? Want to avoid potential allergens in commercial foods? Want a specific mixture not available in those little jars? Don’t want to be recycling (or spending the money in the first place) on those little jars and metal lids? No problem. You are in control.

Most of the equipment you need is probably already in your cabinets. Adding what is missing is not expensive and may actually save you money in the end when you factor in the cost of the commercial food you won’t be buying.

You’ll need:

  • food mill, sieve, potato masher, or baby food grinder to puree
  • grain mill or food processor to grind your own rice, barley, and oatmeal for hot cereals
  • blender or hand blender
  • ice cube trays to freeze extras
  • freezer storage bags or containers
  • storage jars or containers
  • vegetable steamer
  • plus pots, pans, colanders, etc.

A portable baby food grinder will help take the hassle out of eating at a restaurant or at grandma’s. They are inexpensive and easy to use and most restaurants will be happy to bring you a plain baked potato or sweet potato or any other steamed veggies.

Infants start out eating cereals and pureed fruits and vegetables. Steaming the veggies makes them soft and easy to smash and retains vitamins and minerals lost in the boiling process. As baby grows, she can eat the same meals as the family, just mashed or pureed to her needs, allowing her to learn the family’s tastes. There won’t be any issues introducing table food to her since the flavors will match what she’s eaten all along, not the flavors of the little jars in the grocery store.

Making your own baby food is a rewarding experience. Knowing that you are in control of the product and your baby’s nutrition will make the small hassles worthwhile. When you make your own baby food, you always have options.

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