Letting go of Perfection

Sometimes I think I get migraines as a teaching moment from the Universe. OK, I know I sometimes get them for this reason. Most recently, it was to let go of perfection, self imposed, of course.

We have guests coming in today in a matter of hours. I’ve gotten as much as I can get done, with a migraine, and I have to let the rest go. Kiddo has a half day of school and a Dr.’s appt, so nothing further can be done until after they get here. The thing is, the house looks great! The kitchen floor didn’t get mopped, but there aren’t big black spots on it. The hardwood floors didn’t get swept and only part of the downstairs carpet got vacuumed. Nothing got dusted. But, the bathrooms are clean, the place is picked up. It’s me with an issue.

What’s the problem? At the beginning of the summer, I decided that I would clean the garage and do a big cleaning/decluttering in the house. I wanted to finish before I started teaching in September. Well, a couple of migraines (long ones), a few camping trips, an unexpected trip down from my mom (wonderful!), and now our guests, threw off that schedule.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. The garage is 1/3-1/2 done (it’s hard to judge). The house is cleaner and certainly more decluttered. It’s just so HARD to let go of those last few things that didn’t get done, that probably only I can see.

I hate getting migraines, but at least I’m learning to let go and enjoy life, such as I can.

(Written August 19, 2008, but between migraines, guests, and life, I’m just getting around to posting)

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