It’s my 30-day trial period.

I’ve decided to create my own 30-day trial period with writing. My goal? To post a new page/entry in either of my two sites, both of which are starving for content. Maybe in 30 days I can finally finish all the half-completed entries languishing on laptop.

I was inspired by reading Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development blog entry 30 Days to Success where he suggests that instead of trying something new “forever” to just try it on for 30 days, and then re-evaluate. It’s an easy way to try new eating or exercise habits. Or in my case, writing habits. I’m a writer, but my time to write generally gets subjugated to the needs of daily life: carpooling, cooking, shuttling kiddo to appointments or play dates, etc. Yeah, I know. The exciting life of a stay-at-home mom. But this SAHM wants more from life. And this SAHM has more content to add here, more book reviews, more about Reiki, more about Tupperware, more about writing, and more about editing. Stop back or visit my other site, ArmeniaForVisitors, to see what’s new as I plow through those half-finished entries.

Of course, this was an easy resolution to make while driving downtown (in the freezing rain) to an appointment. I “wrote” a few entries already, in my head. The real challenge will be in getting them from my grey matter to my computer. Composing certainly helped keep my mind off the crazy, freewheeling antics of Charlotte drivers. They must think they’re all NASCAR drivers: pushing yellow lights as they change to red, lane changes without any blinkers, driving in the grey sleeting rain with no lights. By the time I got to where I was going, I felt like I’d run the Daytona 500. At one light, I burnt off a little nervous energy by bouncing and be-bopping to a Wiggles song on the radio. I know everyone thought we (yes, kiddo was in the car with me) were crazy with our head bopping, arm waving, hair flinging fun.

Here’s to day 1!

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