How not to recover from surgery

If you have surgery, don’t do what I did. The joke in my house: my recovery time was the ride home from the hospital. Now, my surgery was outpatient and I was feeling pretty good when we left, but I basically hit the ground running the next afternoon with my regular schedule and didn’t slow down much for the next ten days. Then I hit the wall and have been sleeping and napping ever since. God bless naps is all I have to say.

I did have to keep busy to shut my mind down while waiting for the biopsy results. They were negative. All is well. I’m in a slightly higher risk category for breast cancer, had to stop my birth control pills (because they increase the risk of breast cancer), and have to have diagnostic instead of screening mammograms each year. Oh, and I have to go back and see the surgeon one more time in a year and I’m all done with him. Easy peasy.

My incision is healing well. All the bandages are finally off, and things are returning to normal. The aches and pains and itchies are gone, though the itching almost drove me to drink.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season, whichever holiday you may celebrate.

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