How Not to Clean the Shower

I had this great idea to clean the shower stall while I was showering this morning. It became a comedy of errors, and I thought I’d share with you how NOT to clean your shower. Maybe you’ll have better luck than I did.

First, clean thyself before cleaning the walls and floor. Because if you’re like me and started a load of laundry before starting said shower, the hot water will run out before the body gets properly cleaned. Now only parts of me and parts of the shower are clean. I’m hoping you won’t be able to tell which is which on me.

Second, before grabbing your personal toothbrush to clean the grout, make sure you have a replacement. Me? Emm…not so much. After scrounging around a bit in the cabinet, I finally found a new toothbrush. It was touch and go and I was seriously considering whose toothbrush I could borrow or if it was worth an emergency trip to the pharmacy for a new one.

Third, once you start scrubbing the little mold worms on the grout, it’s almost impossible to stop. (See point #1. Brrr. Cold.) Then I had to attack the caulk (how do I get that white again, anyway) and then the parts around the stall door, and the part under the door that Valium only gets seen when the door is open. That would be the part that doesn’t rinse easily and water spills out onto the bathroom floor soaking the bathmat.

Fourth, take off the towel wrapped around your hair if you decide to lean back in and just get a little more (see point #3, it’s impossible to stop!) because it will slip off your head and block your view right at the moment when you are carefully aiming the water to rinse off that little part of the door that you only see when the door is open — spilling even more water onto the soaked bathmat. The one that now has to be dealt with because there is simply too much water on the floor to ignore it and now has moved to the head of the laundry que, much to the chagrin of hubby’s work clothes.

Finally, don’t look at the toilet when emptying the bucket which held the cleaning solution because then you’ll have to scrub that out too. We’re trying the coke in the toilet experiment to see if it really does get rid of the ring around the potty.

See, that wasn’t so hard! This is one time that the old adage, “do as I say, not as I do” will really help the cleaning process!

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