Health Freedom Hearing in NC Now Postponed Until Next Week

Update @ 11:30 pm: The hearing has been postponed until next week.

Health Freedom Hearing in NC April 30th!

HB 842, The Consumer Health Freedom Act is going to be heard by the House Health Committee this Thursday, April 30th, 2009 at NOON in Room 544 in the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh, NC.


The bill will be heard before the House Committee on Health, and the MEMBERS OF THE COMMITTEE NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU BEFORE THE HEARING!

If you cannot attend in person, please contact the members of the House Health Committee before 11am on THURSDAY!

If you can’t attend, there is still time to help:

1. Call the House Health Committee Members and urge them to support this bill. Give your testimonials, and use information listed in the handouts on our website to give them a reason to support this bill!! (visit

2. Call your local representatives (visit, enter your zip + 4 on the lower right hand side to find yours)

3. Call the Sponsors and Co-sponsors of this bill and show your support (visit for a list with contact information)

4. Sign a paper or online Petition to show your support. Visit
to download and distribute copies in your office, your neighborhood, church and local community.

5. Pass this along to your family and friends. Sign up for the e-mailing list at
for Urgent Action Updates.

–taken directly from an e-mail sent from the North Carolina Citizens for Health Care Freedom

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