Fun on a snowy day

Center of Town, Woodstock, VT

It’s a snowy day here in Charlotte, NC. The roads are iced over and we’re staying put. Router issues and continually losing the internet have forced me to hid out in our home office tethered to the network cable.

Something about moving my laptop into my home office has motivated me to do some website cleaning/updating. I’ve removed tons of spam (bad spammers, bad) that at first glance appeared to be real comments. When there are 10 of them in a row on the comments page, it becane quite apparent that they were just junk mail. And here I was thinking I was so poopular! *giggles at self*

I also noted on the Classes & Workshops page that I’m only doing private classes at the moment. Let me know what you’re interested in and we’ll set it up.

Maybe more website housekeeping to come soon, like a real blog post. We’ll see. I may just go play in the snow with my family, though too many days off have put me seriously behind in posting!

Anything you’re interested in reading more about? (Yes, I’m blatantly searching for blog topics. Help a writer out, would ya?)



Photo Credit: Center of Town. Woodstock, VT “Snowy Night” Library of Congress

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