Crazy Is As Crazy Does

Calling all cars! Calling all cars!

Urgent Reiki/healing energy request for all lightworkers. Code Name: Crazy is as crazy does.

Yes, a code name. The situation is soooo huge and so many people are involved, that if you intend to send healing to the “crazy is as crazy does” situation, it will get there and go to those that need it.

Start immediately. Continue on. I’ll update when I can.

I can’t go into any details except to say there are dear people involved, big and little, and that it does not involve me or my immediate family. I’m support. I even set up my crystal healing grid for this one. It had been dismantled for demonstration purposes during Reiki classes, but now it’s sitting on a sunny window ledge surrounded by flowers and full of fresh sea salt, recharged quartz crystal points, and other crystals representing the different parties.

Let me see if I can post a picture…(tries to email picture to self)… Well, it won’t work and I really want to get this posted, so I’ll add it later.

Peace out peeps.

And thanks bunches.

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