Category: It’s All Relative

Words, words everywhere

It’s funny, yesterday I had nothing to write about. I couldn’t force a word or a letter past my icebound brain. The permafrost was frozen and unrelenting. Today, tons of ideas. And yes Liz, I’m writing them down and drafting,…


Letting go of Perfection

Sometimes I think I get migraines as a teaching moment from the Universe. OK, I know I sometimes get them for this reason. Most recently, it was to let go of perfection, self imposed, of course. We have guests coming…


The Straw

Have I found the straw that broke the camel’s back? Me being the camel, of course. I don’t know, but I’m camped out on my bed, proppped up on pillows, resting my aching back. My chiropractor would tell me, I’m…