Category: It’s All Relative

Sleepy time Reiki

Sounds like a tea, doesn’t it? Last night, I drifted awake from sleep or drifted back into sleep, I know not which, feeling the need to send distance Reiki to Liz and the kids stuck in a hotel in Arizona.…


New client space in Cornelius—YAHOOEY!

I’ve done it! Jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire, so to speak. I’ve a new space to see clients and to teach right on North Main Street in Cornelius. I’ve an attic space with shiny hardwood…


How not to recover from surgery

If you have surgery, don’t do what I did. The joke in my house: my recovery time was the ride home from the hospital. Now, my surgery was outpatient and I was feeling pretty good when we left, but I…