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To Stink or Not To Stink

Yes, that is actually the question. You see, I have issues with most deodorants. Rashes, fungal infections, or they just don’t work. Icky, huh? But then I found this book: and I made my own deodorant. Really. I did. Project…


I’m going no-poo!

I’m trying out the no-poo movement. It’s only been a week, and the jury is still out. No, I’m not talking about actual poo, but shamPOO. I was skipping around the blogosphere one day, following links hither and yon, and…


Make Your Own Baby Sling, It’s Easier than you Think

Many types of baby slings are easy to make. You’ll save money as well as have the satisfaction of doing it yourself and getting exactly what you want. It’s also an inexpensive way to test out different types of slings…