Attitude Adjustment please

Well, the universe is telling me I need an attitude adjustment, not in a bad way, but a few slight tweaks to help manage life smoother.

Apparently, I need to focus on parenting this summer, and not working. That’s not to say I shouldn’t work, mind you. My struggle has been how to get all my projects done with all the stuff that I’ve been doing. The day to day stuff…going to the pool, going to the library, going to soccer (finished now but replaced by basketball), setting up the new fish tanks, taking care of the class bunny (for one long but fun week), yadda yadda yadda.

Between kiddo’s stuff and house stuff, where’s time for my stuff?

My stuff being:
-catching up on my way overdue book reviews (almost done one!)
-reformatting my blog to a website with a blog and uploading the new content/links/etc. (I did manage to move it to a paid site and figured out how to install WordPress on the new server and do the export/import. Woo hoo!)
-Input all the books for sale on
-Take pics and set up stuff for sale on
-continue to edit book reviews
-write new book reviews
-write regular blog posts (though I don’t know what that actually means. 1Xweek? 2Xweek? More?)

And that’s just for my main site. Then there is the online store I want to open that will cover all my Reiki stuff and then the site to set up and promote.

That’s a whole lot for 11 weeks of summer, which has shrunk since I started counting when kiddo got out of school. Down to 9 now?

Maybe I need to get him in more library programs since I do manage to write when I’m here. Tuesday I worked on a book review while he was doing a program at the University City library. Now I’m at the Davidson library and he’s learning about bees.

Next week we’re in a co-op camp, so no free time for me. The following week we’re in Maryland. Then back to co-op camp.

So, this became a woe is me for my lack of time, which is where the attitude adjustment comes in. I was stressing myself out about not getting stuff done, not being forgiving of myself for being tired or grumpy or spending time with kiddo. If I had a spare moment, I often didn’t want to write or spend time at the computer because I was too tired or unfocused. After dinner or kiddo’s bedtime, forget about it. Never happens.

I was/am beating myself up and creating a ton of internal stress and anxiety. No one is creating this pressure but me. But I feel like I’ve been talking about these things for so long, it’s time to work on them, but when I’m ready to work on them, I can’t. And when there’s time, I’m not ready. Catch 22. Frustration. Anxiety. Stress.

So, the Universe has told me to focus on the important stuff. My son’s summer. To make it fun and exciting, but not at the expense of my work, instead of focusing on not doing my work well.

The next step, how to make my work work within the confines of my life. Do I start getting up at 5 am? 6 am? Do I set up different schedules for camp days, activity days, and free days and then feel free to blow it off at will? (It is summer vacation, after all.) Do I even have the self-discipline to stick to a schedule?

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