Affirmation: I am blessed to be able to pay my bills.

That was my affirmation yesterday. And you know what? It really worked.

An affirmation is a positive statement of belief. That’s what it means to me, anyway. Then I looked it up, and it’s defined as something declared to be true. A positive belief.

What’s it supposed to do? According to my favorite affirmation lady, Louise Hay, it will change your thought pattern from negative to positive, which can release fear, anger, stress, and invite positive changes into your life.

And does it work? You bet it does!

Yesterday my wonderful husband scraped bumpers with someone at the airport. Not an uncommon thing do there, considering how crazy the drop off area can get, especially at the international area. Very uncommon for him to do though, as he is a super-cautious driver. They just exchanged some paint, no dings or large scrapes or lost bumpers. The carts in the grocery store parking lot have done more damage to our car than this, but the other driver insisted on calling the police and her insurance company, as is her right. We fully supported her decision in thought and action, and still do, by the way.

Our deductible is $500 that would have to come out of savings. He was stressing over it, as is his wont, until he heard from our insurance company later in the day. I was stressing over the $500 as well, until I remembered the power of affirmations and started repeating the one above. I made it up on the spot (or remembered one from Ms. Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life) and modified it. But I just started repeating to myself “I am blessed to be able to pay my bills.” And my stress level went away. If I started to fuss over it later, I just repeated it again and again, and the fussiness went away. I had a great day at work.

I didn’t change the situation. I could still have been out $500. I wouldn’t know until the insurance people did their thing. But I changed my reaction, my thoughts, about the situation. So instead of fussing about my savings account bleeding dry (which hadn’t even happened!) and sending that negative energy and thought out to the Universe; I turned my thoughts around and felt blessed that I had the money in savings if I needed it, that I was a blessed person who could pay their bills in this economy, and by extension inviting more money to my savings account. If money felt blessed to be there, it would want to come visit more often, right?

As it turns out, everyone pays for their own damage according to the insurance company. At least that is the way our policy is written for NC. And since the shopping carts have gotten the better of us with the paint job, this little scrub up isn’t hardly noticeable in the great scheme of auto paint jobs.

Thanks to Louise Hay and the rest of the Universe, I sure am blessed to be able to pay my bills.

If you’d like to see a daily affirmation from Louise Hay, just visit her website

So you might be asking how all this relates to Reiki. Does it? You bet it does. Reiki is energy. Positive healing energy. Affirmations are energy, positive healing energy. Right? Your thoughts can determine whether or not you have a good day or not, whether you hold stress or not, and some would say would even contribute to illness or dis-ease.

Reiki and affirmations work together to unblock negative energy and allow it to flow away, replaced by the positive, balancing, peaceful, healing energy and patterns. The Reiki 1 manual I use even suggests using affirmations when giving a treatment to oneself or to another and offers affirmations to use.

Coming soon, a post on popular affirmations and how to write your own!

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