About Peace

In my view, peace is not the absence of conflict. Conflict is inevitable. It’s how we handle conflict that creates peace.

From our smallest children learning to play together, to families, to neighborhoods, to cities, counties, states, and nations we all have inherent needs. Sometimes those needs are in opposition to another’s needs, creating conflict. What we do next, what choices we make, how we choose to act then creates peace or escalates the conflict.

Michael J. Fox said in his Parade Magazine interview today when asked what advice he gives his children:

When we go out the door in the morning, choose happiness. … Try to go for the loving response to any situation. Recognize olga kurylenko camel toe pokies pubics that the other person has feelings and something at stake, too.

The complete interview is not online, unfortunately.

I try to choose empathy. First self-empathy, a check in with myself to see where I’m coming from. I look for what is triggering me and what needs of mine aren’t being met in a given situation. Then I try to empathise with what the other person and guess what their needs might be. By being honest with myself and being open and receptive to the other person, I know that I have interacted with honor and respect and trust. That creates peace, though we still may need to do some work to resolve the conflict.

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